17 Fly Tippers Prosecuted

17 Fly Tippers Prosecuted

From Test Valley Borough Council

This pathway in Dairy Lane, Nursling was recently used as a dumping ground for a huge fly-tip. Council officers spent hours investigating the fly-tip and clearing up items which included fridges, televisions and a washing machine.

We have prosecuted 17 people this year for fly-tipping, licence and littering offences, and want to remind residents to check that their waste carrier is licensed.

Want advice on what can be recycled or how you can remove waste? Contact our environmental service: 01264 368000. Check your waste carrier is licensed here: http://bit.ly/2kE1xQS

This is why we repeatedly say that we are fully licensed and carry a waste carriers licence to any of our customers so that they know that this is not going to be happening with their unwanted items. We pride ourselves on doing a job correctly and keeping our countysides clean.

Jaye Adlam, Managing Director – A Clearance A Day

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