3 Bedroom House Clearance Shipton Bellinger Hampshire

3 bedroom house after

This 3 bedroom house in Shipton Bellinger was a challenge to say the least. We received a message from our Facebook page from a lady who wanted us to go over and give her a free quote for a clearance of her 3 bedroom house. So we left Andover, Hampshire and made our way to Shipton Bellinger, Hampshire to take a look at what needed to be cleared out. The customer asked us not to worry about the garden just take a look over the house. As we arrived we received another message from the customer saying that she had a very tight dead line which was the next day at 7am. By this time we got to the house at around 1pm so we knew that the pressure was going to be on. The customer had left the back door open for us so we got in as quick as we could and started looking around from room to room.

After spending about 20 minutes looking around the 3 bedroom house we had a quote ready so then we sent that over to the customer and waited in our van for a response. While we were waiting I started talking about Shipton Bellinger, Hampshire because I grew up there and told the team many stories of then I was younger. As I was mid story I received a message from the customer agreeing the price and she was very worried if we could get it all done in time. I reassured her that it was most definitely possible because the waste transfer site was only a few miles away so we could easily load up and dispose of it correctly very quickly.

We then began to start clearing the 3 bedroom house as fast as we could to make sure our deadlines were met. We started upstairs and cleared out all 3 rooms and the bathroom in no time at all. Then we loaded up everything into our van for our first load and packed it as tight as possible to we could fit on as much as possible. Even though Shipton Bellinger Hampshire isn’t too far away from Andover, Hampshire we still wanted to get as much on as possible to minimise time we were gone. Then we began to tackle downstairs and there was more in the bottom part of the 3 bedroom house then there was in the top half.

So we grabbed our tonne bags that we take on every clearance with us and just started filling those up with everything you could imagine mainly from the kitchen it did not take us long to fill those up because of the speed we were working at to make sure the clearance of the 3 bedroom house was done on time. Once we completed the kitchen and loaded up everything from the bottom part of the house we checked the whole house to make sure the house was completely empty.

The customer also asked us to take pictures of the completed property and send them across to her so she knew that her 3 bedroom house was completely clear. So as we were going around and checking everything was clear we also took pictures and sent those across so that she could be sure that her house was cleared and her deadline was met. After we finished clearing the house and sending pictures we locked the house behind us and left Shipton Bellinger Hampshire and made our way back to Andover, Hampshire to dispose of all her unwanted items at the waste transfer site.

The next day she even left us a glowing review saying that she couldn’t have been happier and she was so thankful that we were able to clear her 3 bedroom house in such a quick and professional  manner it took all of her stress away and she was able to get on with the rest of her day without that stress over her head this made us incredibly happy because not only do we love what we do we love taking stress away from people in these kind of situations and it gives us a massive sense of pride.

3 bedroom house clearance after
3 bedroom house clearance before

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