4 Bedroom Full House Clearance Andover Hampshire

We received a call from a friendly customer asking us to come over to give them a free quotation on their 4 bedroom house that they needed clearing in Andover Hampshire. We had a conversation on how house clearance works then arranged a time and date that was convenient to the customer to come over to come and give a free quotation. So we made our way over to the 4 bedroom house in Andover and met the customer that we talked too on the phone. When we turned up to the 4 bedroom house he then told me what he needed gone and what he needed to stay to take away himself, because we will always allow time for the customer to take what is personal to them before we start the job. After we carefully looked around each room of the 4 bedroom house I then gave a free no obligation quotation and said that it would take us two day to complete witch he was happy with then we arranged a time and date for us to come back and start the job.

On the morning of the 4 bedroom house clearance in Andover the team and I met up early and then went through the plan on how to clear the 4 bedroom hose in Andover as quickly and efficiently as possible. Once we had a plan we then made our way to the 4 bedroom house in Andover Hampshire to begin the clearance. The customer was there and waiting for us to let us in so we could begin to clear the entire property. We went from room to room starting in the loft as that was a room too clearing everting that we had agreed on that needed to be cleared. During this time the team and I were working hard were packing the van as tight as we could to make sure that we could fit on as much as we could to take it to the waste disposal site in Andover Hampshire. Once we had full load we then informed the customer that we were on our way to dispose of our first load and how long we were going to be. We then left the 4 bedroom house in Andover Hampshire to go to the waste transfer site in Andover witch is nelsons skip hire.

Waste disposal Andover Hampshire Sp10

We then began to dispose of all the unwanted items at the waste disposal site in Andover Hampshire so that the staff at nelsons could sort it into the correct recycling plies because nelson’s skip hire always recycle anything that we dispose of in the highest regard. Then we made our way back to the 4 bedroom house in Andover Hampshire to do it all again. We ending up filling the van 2 more times with all the unwanted items and we worked very hard to get as much done in a day as we could but we unfortunately ran out of time because the waste transfer site closed at 5pm so we as we discussed with the customer we decided to call it a day and come back in the morning to finish of the rest of the house and garden but because we had worked so house we did manage to clear the entire house in a day.

So in the morning we made our way back to the 4 bedroom house in Andover to finish off the garden part of the clearance. So we sorted out all the meatal first then took that to the weight bridge site then came back for our final load. When we returned the customer brought us some coffee and biscuits as he was very impressed with the amount of work we had done and how fast we got it done witch was very much appreciated. After we had finished or well-deserved break when the loaded everything up from the garden and packed it as tight as we could onto the van to make sure that we were done by the time we agreed. Once we had finished our final load I then took the customer around the now cleared 4 bedroom house going from room to room making sure he was completely happy with the job that we completed, then we made our way to the garden to make sure everything was done. After finishing he was extremely happy with the completed job so much so he even left us a glowing review on our website, which makes us extremely happy because then it shows that we really do the best job we possibly can and shows others that we are a house clearance company that can be trusted.

4 bedroom house clearance before
4 bedroom house clearance after

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