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House Clearance, waste disposal and Covid 19 what can we do to help you?


With the current situation with Covid-19 we have done our research and have been advised from HMRC and our local MP that we are totally okay to work as long as we follow the guidelines which are set out above. Respecting social distancing by keeping 2 metres distanceWearing a mask and gloves at all timesNo […]

Finding A House Clearance Company That Will Buy Your Furniture

After reading this article on the BBC website I thought it would be a good time to say that here at A Clearance Day we are always looking for old or new pieces of furniture to buy off you as there is always a way to give a new piece of furniture a new lease […]

Garage Clearance Thruxton Hampshire SP10

Thruxton Hampshire Garage Clearance After

This job was another one that made us very proud to do what we do. We received a message from our Facebook page asking if we could come over and provide a free quotation for a full garage clearance in Thruxton Hampshire, so we arranged a time and date that worked for the customer and […]

Garage Clearance Andover Hampshire SP102UA

Garage Clearance Andover Hampshire After

We offer many serveries at A Clearance A day one of those is our garage clearance services. We get asked a lot if we can help the customer sort through things that they would like to keep and what they would like to be disposed of, and we are more than happy to help do […]

4 Bedroom Full House Clearance Andover Hampshire

We received a call from a friendly customer asking us to come over to give them a free quotation on their 4 bedroom house that they needed clearing in Andover Hampshire. We had a conversation on how house clearance works then arranged a time and date that was convenient to the customer to come over […]

Part house clearance of a 2 bedroom bungalow Basingstoke Hampshire

Basingstoke Clearance Before

Here at A Clearance A Day we are not afraid of doing the hard work and this 2 bedroom house clearance in Basingstoke is no exception. We received a call asking if we could come over and give a free quotation on a house that needed clearing and had a very large amount of unwanted […]

Two Bedroom House Clearance Amesbury, Wiltshire.

Two Bed House After Clearance

This two bedroom house clearance we completed in Amesbury made us and the team very proud. We received a message from a stressed out customer who had a two bedroom house that needed to be cleared in Amesbury and it needed to be cleared the next day by 11am because he was let down by […]

Four Bedroom House Clearance Completed ST Mary Bourne Near Andover (Hampshire).

four bedroom house after clarance

We fully cleared a 4 bedroom house in St Mary Bourne that is located just on the outskirts of Andover (Hampshire) in the SP10 area. We received a call through our website and was asked to come over and take a look at a 4 bedroom house that needed a clearance. After a short conversation […]

Fine for woman who had waste dumped in town, Test Valley Borough Council

House clearance Waste Dumped by unlicensed carrier

Fine for woman who had waste dumped in town An Andover woman has been made to pay more than £200 after her waste was found fly-tipped. Shirley Gray, of Camelot Close, Andover, failed to check that her waste was going to be disposed of legally in April this year when her furniture, a cat basket […]

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