Fine for woman who had waste dumped in town, Test Valley Borough Council

House clearance Waste Dumped by unlicensed carrier

Fine for woman who had waste dumped in town

An Andover woman has been made to pay more than £200 after her waste was found fly-tipped.

Shirley Gray, of Camelot Close, Andover, failed to check that her waste was going to be disposed of legally in April this year when her furniture, a cat basket and her carpet were found behind a property in King Arthur’s Way.

After the fly-tip was reported to Test Valley Borough Council, officers investigated and found an address in the waste, which led them to Ms Gray’s house.

Other waste in the fly-tip included lighting, plastic bags and other household rubbish.

At Basingstoke Magistrates’ Court last month, Ms Gray was given an £80 fine and ordered to pay £120 in costs and a £30 victim surcharge, bringing her total outlay to £210.

Environmental portfolio holder, councillor Alison Johnston, said: “It is your responsibility to make sure your waste is going to be disposed of in the correct way, by the correct people or company.

“We continue to encourage people to check that their carriers are licensed otherwise it will be your door we knock upon and it will be you facing a day in court. We are always happy to speak to people about their waste, offer advice or collect it for them using our service should they wish.”

Residents can check to see if a waster carrier has the correct licence on the Environment Agency’s (EA) website or by phoning the EA on 03708 506506.

It`s so important to see if who you are using has the correct licence we carry ours at all times so any customer of ours can see that it is going to be disposed of correctly.

Jaye Adlam: Owner A Clearance A Day

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