Four Bedroom House Clearance Completed ST Mary Bourne Near Andover (Hampshire).

four bedroom house after clarance

We fully cleared a 4 bedroom house in St Mary Bourne that is located just on the outskirts of Andover (Hampshire) in the SP10 area.

We received a call through our website and was asked to come over and take a look at a 4 bedroom house that needed a clearance. After a short conversation about the type of services that were required and when they would like the house to be cleared we made our way to St Mary Bourne to give a free quotation.

As we were looking around the house with the current tennant we were made aware of all of the items that were needed to be cleared and all of the furniture that they wanted to keep to take to their next house. Once we had seen the whole house we gave our free quotation and the customer was very happy with our quote. We then agreed a date and time that would be good for us to come over and begin to clear the 4 bedroom house.

In the morning me and the team left Andover (Hampshire) and made our way to the 4 bedroom house to begin the full clearance. When we arrived I informed the team on what was to be taken from the house and what was needed to stay then my very professional team began to get to work. We loaded up all the biggest pieces of furniture such as the sofa, single beds, table, chairs, washing machine, fridge freezer, bookcase, arm chairs into the van and stacked it as tight as we could to make sure we could fit as much as possible from the house into the van. After we finished loading up the biggest furniture we then began to load up all the smaller bits and pieces that were left over from the clearance and bagged them all up and loaded them into the van.

Then we took all of the unwanted items to the waste transfer site (where every licensed waste carrier must take anything they remove from a house, garden, flat, garage, loft, shed or anything else) and disposed of everything correctly and safely. It costs us £180 per tonne to dispose of anything and everything that we take from your house, flat, garden etc will be recycled safely and correctly. Once we finished we headed back to the 4 bedroom house to make sure that everything was cleared correctly and the customer was happy with the completed job.

We then waited for the customer to return to the house we had just finished clearing and had a look around with them to be 100% sure that they were happy with the completed clearance of the house. Customer satisfaction is our main concern and in this case like so many others they could not have been happier with our work.

After a long hard day of fully clearing 4 bedroom house we headed back to Andover (Hampshire) happy with the knowledge that everything was disposed of correctly and we had another happy and satisfied customer.

small bedroom house clearance andover
Before we cleared the smallest room in the house.
small room post clearance andover
After we cleared the smallest room in the house.

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