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Garage Clearance Andover Hampshire After

We offer many serveries at A Clearance A day one of those is our garage clearance services. We get asked a lot if we can help the customer sort through things that they would like to keep and what they would like to be disposed of, and we are more than happy to help do that because we understand that we may find something that you thought you may have lost or have been looking for a while.

This garage clearance in Andover Hampshire was no different, we received a message on our Facebook page asking if we could come over and give a free quotation on a garage clearance that needed to be done. We arranged a time and date that worked for the customer and went over to the property to take a look at what the customer needed to be done. While we were taking a look around the garage the customer asked us if we could also help her sort through the things that she wanted to keep. We happily agreed to help in any way we could so after we agreed a price and time for us to come over we then left and prepared for the next day to come over a and begin the clearance of the garage in Andover Hampshire.

On the day of the garage clearance in Andover Hampshire we left bright and early to insure that we could get the whole job done in as short amount of time as possible. We made our way over to the other side of Andover Hampshire and met up with the customer in the morning and began clearing out all of the unwanted contents of the garage and with the help of our team and working with the customer we sorted through what needed to go and what the customer wanted to stay. After about 2 hours of sorting and loading the van the garage was fully cleared to the customer’s satisfaction so then we made our way to the local weight bridge site in Andover and disposed of everything that was unwanted.

Licenced waste carrier in Andover Hampshire sp10

Every time we meet a new customer we will always tell them that we are a registered waste carrier and that we are fully insured so that we can prove that we are a company that can be 100% trusted. Because we pride ourselves on doing a job fully and correctly we also always carry our waste transfer licence so that if any customer requests to see our licence I can show them with no problems at all and we also tell them exactly were any unwanted items are going and we can produce a duty f care note on request.

Andover Garage Clearance Before
Andover Garage Clearance After

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