Garage Clearance Thruxton Hampshire SP10

Thruxton Hampshire Garage Clearance After

This job was another one that made us very proud to do what we do. We received a message from our Facebook page asking if we could come over and provide a free quotation for a full garage clearance in Thruxton Hampshire, so we arranged a time and date that worked for the customer and went over and had a look.

When we met the customer the first thing we did was explain that A Clearance A Day is fully registered with the environment agency and we are fully insured. We always carry our waste carriers licence on us at all times so we can prove to any customer that everything that we are taking away from you will be 100% taken to the correct places.

 The customer was extremely happy to see this a he has been quoted in the past buy people who did not have licences. With the customers trust we then began to have a look around the garage and see what he would like to be disposed of. Using our 10 years of experience we then gave him a on the spot quotation that he was very happy with.

We then discussed a time and date that he would like the garage in Thruxton Hampshire to be cleared, he then made us aware the he would like it completed after Christmas to Tidworth Hampshire.  We were happy to help so we then booked in a time and date and then waited until he was ready for us to turn up.

On the day of the Garage clearance in Thruxton Hampshire the team and I were up bright and early to make sure we arrived on time to make sure we had plenty of time to complete the job in one day as we agreed when gave our free quotation. The customer left the garage door open for us so we began to start loading the van as tight as we could to make sure we could get on as much as possible. After we spent a long time loading up our van we then took everything to the local waste disposal site where they dispose of everything safely and so that if the customer wanted to see a Duty of Care note we could 100% provide that for his peace of mind.

Once we disposed of everything we then made our way back to Thruxton Hampshire to continue the full garage clearance and load up our last load and send pictures to the customer so that he was happy that we completed the job as we described. Once we had finished we then waited for the okay from him and then left the property locked and ready for someone else to move in and enjoy.

He was so happy with the garage clearance that he left us a glowing review and we have recently herd back from him wanting us to complete more work that makes us so happy to know that we are doing the best job we can so much so we get return customers.  

Thruxton Hampshire Garage Clearance Before
Thruxton Hampshire Garage Clearance After

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