Military House Clearance Free Quotation

If you need a military house or flat cleared we will arrange a time and date that works for you. I will then come over and, using my years of experience, take a look around the property with you and give you a free quotation. The quotation has no hidden fees and there is no vat to pay. We are also always on the lookout for good quality items we can buy. If you have items that we believe we can put a value to, we will offset the price against the quotation which can greatly reduce the cost to you.  Contact us to arrange a time and date for us to come over and we will be more than happy to answer any questions you may have.

Understanding your needs

I have been working in the industry for 10 years and have a sound knowledge of the ins and outs of how house clearance works. I have carried out hundreds of full house clearances and each job differs from the last, with this comes a vast understanding on what each customer needs and wants. We also understand that sometimes that our services are needed in very testing times and we guarantee to take everything at your speed with no pressure on your house being cleared fast. We will always allow time for you to take what is important to you from the house and if you can’t find anything feel free to let us know, we will keep an eye out and put the item/s aside for you. We will also be more than happy to clear room by room on different days to work around your needs and timeframe.

Fully Licensed waste carrier

A clearance a day is fully licenced with the environment agency and fully insured and we are more than happy to produce our licence for you on request to make sure that you know we are a house clearance company you can trust. We take all unwanted items to the local weight bridge site, these sites recycle everything to the highest standards and in doing so you can be sure that everything we take away from you IS NOT going to end up in our beautiful countryside. We can also produce a duty of care note if requested so you know the job has been done 100% correctly and taken to the correct place.

Our Team

I have a team of professionally trained and friendly workers that are always happy to help in any way possible, have a good understanding of house clearances and can answer any questions you may have.

Contact us

Get in touch on our ‘contact us’ page if you would like to arrange a free no obligation quotation or if you have any questions.