Part house clearance of a 2 bedroom bungalow Basingstoke Hampshire

Basingstoke Clearance Before

Here at A Clearance A Day we are not afraid of doing the hard work and this 2 bedroom house clearance in Basingstoke is no exception. We received a call asking if we could come over and give a free quotation on a house that needed clearing and had a very large amount of unwanted items. After we agreed a time and a date that worked for the customer we then made our way from Andover, Hampshire to Basingstoke, Hampshire to take a look at the 2 bedroom bungalow that needed to be cleared. Upon arrival we met a very friendly man who showed us around his mother’s 2 bedroom bungalow.

Unfortunately this is a situation that we are more than familiar with, the customers mother had passed and he had to sell the 2 bedroom bungalow. Being a compassionate and understanding company we went at the customers pace around the house and listened to him tell us various interesting stories about his life in the house. This is one of the main reasons we do what we do because not only do we get to help families in there time of need, but we also get to see into what life was like in the house we are clearing and that brings us a great sense of pride.

As we were looking around from room to room we took notes on what the customer needed to stay and what he need to be removed, and once we had finished looking around we sat down and discussed the quote. He was very happy with the quote that we gave so we arranged a time and date that worked for him so we could come back and get started.

On the day of the 2 bedroom bungalow clearance in Basingstoke, Hampshire we were up bright and early and leaving Andover, Hampshire to make sure we got to the customers house at 9am so we could get started on the very big job at hand. Once we arrived we started in the biggest room filling bags that we take on every job and taking extra care not to damage anything that the customer wanted to keep. It took us about 3 hours to completely fill the van with all the unwanted items and going back and forth from room to room and filling bags. After the van was as full as it could possibly be we checked in with the customer and let him know that we were just leaving to dispose of everting in the van at the waste transfer site in Basingstoke, Hampshire.

Waste disposal Basingstoke, Hampshire RG25

Each waste disposal site differs from one to the next and the waste transfer site in Basingstoke is no exception. In every waste transfer site it costs buy weight and it is £180.00 per tonne but in Basingstoke Hampshire it costs us £160.00 minimum regardless of weight. This was no shock to us because before we gave our free quotation we rang and obtained this information so that we could make sure we were quoting correctly and being as fair as we could be to the customer. Once we had weighed the load on the weigh bridge and showed our waste carrier licence we then of loaded evening and left it for the very helpful staff at Basingstoke skip hire and southern waste management ltd to sort out into the correct places for recycling. After we had everything cleared and sorted we then paid and made our way back to the 2 bedroom bungalow to finish of the clearance.

Once we return to the 2 bedroom bungalow we proceeded to fill the van up again as much as we could so that we could make sure that the bungalow was cleared and empty just like we agreed with the customer. After we finished loading our van load onto the van we decided to dispose of the remaining unwanted items in Andover, Hampshire because we were on our way back anyway. Before we left we walked around with the customer and checked each room and made sure he was happy with the job that we had done and fully satisfied. He couldn’t have been happier with the clearance and was very impressed that we managed to get it done in a day and we left another customer stress free. We then made our way from Basingstoke, Hampshire back to Andover, Hampshire to dispose of the last load at the correct waste transfer site and then finished our day feeling proud and happy that we helped out another person in there time of need in a professional and friendly manner.

Basingstoke Clearance Before
Basingstoke Clearance After

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