Two Bedroom House Clearance Amesbury, Wiltshire.

Two Bed House After Clearance

This two bedroom house clearance we completed in Amesbury made us and the team very proud.

We received a message from a stressed out customer who had a two bedroom house that needed to be cleared in Amesbury and it needed to be cleared the next day by 11am because he was let down by another company. The customer worked in the military and was in military housing and was very concerned that if the house was not cleared by the allotted time that he would be charged by his work place and get a bad reputation.

After he explained everything to us we made our way over to Amesbury Wiltshire from Andover Hampshire to take a look at the two bedroom house that needed to be cleared.  Before we started to look around I explained that as a commercial business we pay by weight to dispose of any unwanted items and we are registered with the environment agency and a fully licensed waste carrier we have to take all unwanted items to the waste transfer site where it costs us £180.00 per tonne. We also explained that if he had anything that I could put a value to I would be able to put a price to it and deduct that from the cost of the clearance to try and keep it as cheap as possible for the customer as well as us.

We went from room to room taking a look at what needed to be cleared from the house and what he was going to be taking with him. Each room in the two bedroom house had a different variety of items that needed to be cleared from clothes, bedsides, double beds, double mattresses, mirrors, tables and chairs. One of his concerns like many people that we meet is if we can dispose of fridge freezers and washing machines, I explained that yes we are able to dispose of them at the waste transfer site safely.

Once we had finished looking around the house I gave him a free quote on how much it is going to cost for me and the team to come in and completely clear the house for him. He was very happy with our free quote so we arranged that we would start the clearance of his two bedroom house the next day at 6am.

As the next day began we left Andover, Hampshire and made our way to Amesbury, Wiltshire to begin the clearance of his two bedroom house. The customer trusted us so he came over in the morning before we started and left the door open for us so we could get in with no hassle. We then started upstairs and began to load everything into our van piece by piece stacking it as tight as we possibly could to make sure we could fit in as much as possible. Once we had finished our first load we took it all to the waste transfer site in Salisbury, Wiltshire were it was all disposed of correctly and safely.

Then we returned to the two bedroom house for the last load and filled the van with everything from the remaining rooms at the bottom of the house and the kitchen including the fridge freezer and washing machine. Once everything was loaded up we went around the house to make sure that absolutely everything was clear and he was left with a fully empty two bedroom house. We then took pictures and sent them across to him so he could be sure that the job was done correctly and once we had received confirmation that he was happy we then made our way back to Andover, Hampshire to dispose of the last load and drop off the team and get a well deserved rest as the two bedroom house was fully cleared in 5 hours being completed by 11am.  

The next day he was so happy he left us a glowing review on our Facebook page and recommended us to all of his friends and he was left stress free in the knowledge that his house had been cleared safely and professionally.

Two bedroom house Clearance After  Main Bedroom
Amesbury Wiltshire
Two bedroom house Clearance Before Main Bedroom
Amesbury Wiltshire

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